gtfoThe other day as I twisted and turned through uncomfortably crazy yoga positions in a room that was heated to 100 degrees and filled with smelly feet inching a little too close to my face – the instructor nonchalantly said:

“Isnt it funny what we put our bodies through just to get away from ourselves?”

And I cannot get it out of my head.

It IS funny. It’s funny and it’s messed up.

I’m not entirely sure if it’s just me or my entire generation or a whole universe of people that consistently make the game of life harder than it has to be?!?  But if everyone is constantly seeking different forms of happiness and contentment, then I think it’s safe to assume we are all in a similar boat.

Growing up I was always surrounded by drama. It began with my home life. My older sister was the rebellious one and my younger brother was the bad one – leaving me to easily take the golden child crown. But when I turned 18, I took a look around and thought, “Fuck this, I wanna be bad too!” And so I did – for the next 4 years or so. 4 years is a LOT of bad choices and drama kept “finding me” wherever I went. I have “finding me” in air quotes because now I know that that’s entirely untrue and I was creating it and inviting it in every chance I could. I didn’t/couldn’t understand life without it.

6 years of therapy, a house, a husband, a wild child and a yoga practice later – I am no longer interested in drama. I actually run away from any slight signs of it. However it has morphed into something new. I am constantly making things harder than they need to be. Which is just another form of drama that I am ready to be done with.

Like everyone else, we have a lot going on with life’s regular demands. Add on top of the routine life stuff our massive amount of debt we are tackling and the feeling of being stuck in a place and situation where we no longer belong. Life can feel really heavy sometimes. There’s no room for light if you’re busy being heavy.

As a mother and wife, weather I like it or not, the tone of the house is often set by me. My words, my attitude and my presence all create the environment in which we live. This can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s a lot of power to hold and on the days when I feel like quitting life and reading a book all day in a hammock, it can be a real struggle. But it has also shown me that I do have the opportunity to change my thoughts through the power of positive thinking and therefore, change the environment of my home for me and my boys.

Lately I have been feeling extra heavy with stress and when that happens Mike tells me to, “Pick one thing and let it anchor you.”

So I choose yoga. I choose yoga because I can count on my body to keep going even when my brain doesn’t want to and because I know that sometimes you have to get out of your head to get back into it.

Learned from one of my favorite yoga instructors, my newest mantra has been “Try Easy” and I repeat this to myself multiple times a day. On and off the mat, just try easy. Do your thing, but don’t make it hurt.

It’s simple, easy to remember and has been working really well when I stay on top of it.

So…who wants to TRY EASY with me and make this game of life a little lighter?!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Try Easy

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I choose easy. It is just so cool that your blog popped up via the minimalists a couple hours after I said those words out loud to myself. Thanks for a dose of relatable inspiration.
    I’m looking forward to visiting you again =)

    1. Hi Kristen – I’m so grateful that our virtual worlds have collided and that you are choosing easy too. Isn’t it silly how hard it is to choose easy sometimes? ha! Thanks for checking out my blog – hope to see ya again soon!

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